Making Mornings Series: #5 Making Mornings Creative

This grew out of a series to be posted on a board.  It served as a reminder for me to intentionally create the mornings I want, in many different ways and being.

#4 Making Mornings Creative

I believe in everyone’s innate ability to create.  It has nothing to do with having to be good at art or to have an artistic skill.  The ability to create results from our ability to produce something of ourselves, without which we remain somewhat a life of default.

Our precious mornings, the start of each day, being in the state of creation – means making not the choice not to live reactively, and to actively contribute to your lives around you.  An intention, a journal entry, a homemade breakfast, a smile, then maybe an idea, a healthy lifestyle, a space to explore.

It’s not difficult to make mornings creative.  The question is with this invitation, what will you create?  And will it serve your life and others?

For the rest of the series, please refer here.


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