Monday is over, what next?

Monday is over and the day has ended, at least since it’s bedtime.

I tried to search for what I wanted to say, after all I had been behind the scenes for a week but slow to post for the past week. However, I end the Monday in a less than celebratory mood and find it hard to look forward to Tuesday.

And strangely it’s not a day of all lows, with some amazing highs as well. So what makes the lows feel worse on Monday?

Probably myself, or yourself, or whoever is doing their own evaluation of their Mondays. And sometimes it’s also just about getting rest when I need to, because as the night wears on, the tiredness, aka grumpiness sets in.

The week moves in cycles, and Monday is going to come round. We can stay in the past lamenting our irritation of what has happened, or refuse to remain trapped by enjoying a good nights’ rest.

So off to bed, goodnight, sweet dreams.


Life is not a rehearsal – get up and play

There aren’t moments in life where we can “just try a little bit” and then wait and see how.

Like it’s a rehearsal. For a main event in distant future.

Even so, why do we think that rehearsals are for doing almost enough and then trying to achieve a dramatically higher result when push-come-to-shove? Aren’t rehearsals for performing your best so you can bring your best game to the main event?

(But I digress.)

Life is not rehearsal, one moment doesn’t serve as a back up to an “actual” real moment. Each are as real as they are present, as real as they have passed.

Michael Jordan said in his book I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying: “I don’t do things halfheartedly. Because I know if I do, then I can expect halfhearted results. That’s why I approached practices the same way I approached games. You can’t turn it on and off like a faucet. I can’t dog it during practice and then, when I needed that extra push late in a game, expect it to be there.”

A light turned on when I saw the quote.

Life is not a rehearsal – let’s get up and play, wholeheartedly.

Make me a promise

How often did I break a promise to myself?

Definitely more than just-a-few-times.

If I made a list it will look like this:
• Times I told myself I’ll be on time (instead of being 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes late and so on…)
• Unfinished personal projects – whatever is it I wanted to do for myself, if left unfinished, is another promise not kept.
• Issues I don’t want to look at – a definite hiding place for many broken self-promises.

It’s no wonder I get worried when the weekend rolls around the corner. It weighs on me like another batch of broken promises to myself would. I didn’t look forward to the weekend or starting off on Monday again.

Fixing it, one promise at a time
Surprise, surprise. No magic bullet to turn all around. Just fixing one broken promise at a time. Finishing a small project. Closing off the lose ends. Freeing the energy tied up in managing everything.

There was no particular burst of energy or ah-ha moment. Though I noticed a much lighter presence and a more fulfilled day ahead. One day at a time, this translated to something worth looking forward to, instead of something I kept hiding from. Weekends held enjoyment and the impending Mondays held potential.

I never found out at which point Mondays didn’t feel so dreadful anymore. Who’d knew that keeping or finishing the promises to myself held so much….promise?

Can I “catch” you for a few minutes?

So the day has been steadily going downhill and nothing seems to work right.

The photocopier jams three times and when it works, halfway through you run out of ink. In replacing it, you shuffle some on the floor and have to clean up the dirty toxic powder. When you finally print the full set of companies, you stain the copies with your printer-powder-stained fingers.

And so on.. I guess you get the picture.

So in between, to short circuit another raging meltdown, all it takes is a few minutes to interrupt the process and make that shift.

So it’s good to have handy:
A picture of a loved one or favorite scenery, a packet of sweets (though I hardly encourage this in the long term as it’s contrary to keeping healthy), a 2 minute walk. Whatever works for you.

And my favorite, easy to carry along with today’s smartphones, a song to get your groove back.

Catch yourself for a few minutes, pop the earphones, tap your feet… and get back in the game.