Hi, I am Andrea (LMM).

I used to blog as Jade, which is a translation of a part of my Chinese name.

This is very much a personal blog, even though topics of career and work will come up.  They do not represent the place that I work at. I write about various parts of my journey in exploring what it takes to “love Monday mornings”: what I read, stories of inspiration around me, what is it to have passion, to live, to love what you do and do what you love.

I write about children too, because they are a very important part of my journey. I have two – a girl (6 years old) and a boy (1.5 years old), herein referred to as the Phoenix & Dragon. I live in Singapore.  With two dogs at home, it makes for an interesting household.  Welcome to my journey and thank you for reading!

If you have any feedback on what other posts related to the above topics you’d like to read about, please email LovingMondayMornings (at) gmail.com.
I may not be able to reply every email but I would love to hear any constructive feedback for the blog!


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