An unexplained hiatus

I took an unexplained hiatus from the LMM blog. Unexplained, because as with many things in life, it seemed to just “catch up” with me.

So where did it lead me to and why am I back?

The truth is, the longer I was away, the more excuses I had in staying away.

We sometimes are able to convince ourselves that our dreams aren’t worth it. And that we have to know the destination, to know where we are every step of the way, before taking the first step.

And that roundabout then happened all in my head.  What stories do we tell ourselves? Deciding to skip that one post was one moment, blaming myself over and over again, finding reasons and then avoiding reasons, replaying stories in my head – that happened for a lot longer after that.

The decision to skip that regular post happened in one instant.  The decision to come back can happen in another instant.  And that’s just it.  If the need to write is greater than the need to hide, the love what we create is greater than what we are afraid of – it then all boils down to one moment of decision.

One moment. One instant. In the present.  Fully immersed.  And we go on to truly live, magic moment to new magic moment.

It’s good to be back.