#YourTurnChallenge – blogging daily for a week

Seth Godin has a new book called Your Turn. And in that spawn a few activities around that – including a blogging challenge @Your Turn Challenge: http://yourturnchallenge.strikingly.com/. Blogging a post daily for a week, ie. 7 days, means committment to shipping. Nothing complicated around the process, just shipping daily. From what I understand, Seth has been blogging daily for a few years now. Yes, that means he hasn’t missed a day where he posts a blog post, for a few years.

And the act of shipping daily, really is a commitment to yourself, about constantly creating and putting it out there in the world. So if it works, if it doesn’t, we will know quickly. What can be improved, what can be worked on better, what new areas to explore, what areas to stop exploring. It becomes clearer when things get shipped, rather than when things only marinate as ideas in the head.

I opted into the challenge and have been blogging every day (it’s day 5 today). At the side, I’ve been taking notes of what has come up for me – in what I write, in where I draw inspiration, in how I get myself distracted, in how I address tiny commitments. It’s day 5 and I am already seeing much feedback to what and how I do things (not just writing), just for the act of posting a blog a day for 7 days, that my mind is really blown. So more on that once I complete the challenge. The operative word being “once”, not “if”.