First post of Loving Monday Mornings

This is my first published post.  To get here, took me quite a few years.

I thought. Pondered. Stuffed it at the back of my mind. Then contemplated again. Wondered.  And still wasn’t sure.

There is a saying about the best time to plant is tree is 10 years ago.  The second best time is today.

So today…this is about Loving Monday Mornings.   The title was chosen because it’s about finding that joy in waking up on Monday and thrilled to be doing what I do.  I started out trying to overcome that pit in the stomach on Sunday, that weekly upside-down feeling was becoming too much of a waste.   Imagine that out of my time on earth, one day out of every seven days, I spent worrying about the next day, and for no obvious reason at all.

And then imagine the alternative, waking up every morning, especially Monday mornings, completely excited to face the day and do what I loved to do.  I’ve always felt my children are my teachers and very much so, with my first child.  Because of her, I knew I had to do something about finding what was it I considered joy in my life and allowing it to fill all the parts of my day.  So that I could be mom I wanted to be, and I could be an example to them.

My first child is six today. Yes, it took so long.  But I guess, the second best time is today.