#YourTurnChallenge – #Day4 – Creator of my destiny

Day 4 of the challenge.

[For the purpose of reposting, I have deliberately not looked into the grammar mistakes. Because excessive editting is my way of stalling the final product, which defeats the purpose of this challenge. Specifically for this post, I paraphrased the title for this reposting.]

How is it that we hand over our paycheck and then also manage to hand over our responsibilities for our own lives? Because we take our pay check from a contract arrangement, we naturally assume someone else or something (the corporation) owes us a living?
Organizational structures, challenges with change management, fall outs from mergers and acquisitions aside – we get sucked into the game begrudgingly because we hand over the reins to someone or something outside of ourselves.
It is slowly beginning to dawn on me that to take 100% responsibility of our lives is not easy, because 100% will permeate every decision on every moment of how I live my life.
For example, in a work environment, it means that no one decides which way my career path moves. Whether it abruptly stops and change or naturally grows along a certain path. Whether it stalls. Whether I get the exposure or the trainings. Whether I get paid what I think I deserve.
There is a very element of arrogance or humility that colors a person’s experience, however, Being 100% responsibility does not necessarily mean that I am always right, my way is the high way.
And therein lies the dance of life – to take humility in our interactions, to have reverance for the experience of a life, to enjoy every moment, all the time while holding the reins to navigate our own lives awake.


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