Making Mornings Series: #6 Making Mornings Passionate

This grew out of a series to be posted on a board. It served as a reminder for me to intentionally create the mornings I want, in many different ways and being.

#6: Making Mornings Passionate

Mornings would be a little dull if there wasn’t any passion.  The reason why we do anything, no? Maybe not.

To me, passion is about jumping out of bed, excited to have a great morning and a great day. As opposed to rolling out of bed, by sheer gravity.

Often we shy away from passion because of various stories we tell ourselves about what passion means.  Redefining your mornings will mean redefining what passion means to you – so that you can truly, deeply love your mornings.  Love and passion are never too far apart, and we can never be without too much love.

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