Coming Soon

I am privileged to be able to grow my own body of work. It also means a lot is happening behind the scenes. Here is a list of what is being worked on behind the scenes, not yet on the site. Watch this space!

Loving Monday Mornings is a lifestyle and a movement. What is a movement without a creed?

Next series
I am working on a part 2 of “Making Mornings” and developing a third series.

Okay, truth be told, this is my weak spot – the written is my comfort zone as much as the visual is not. But any creation should constantly evolve and I do think it’s time to figure out how to add some visuals and photography, whether it’s my own or from other sources.

LMM Book
I have a dream to write a book on Loving Monday Mornings within the year. So dreams remain dreams till they are made real, one baby step at a time. This is my declaration.

Facebook page
A Facebook page for LMM! Making it easier to forward and share posts too! As well as linking other interesting resources I would like to without confusing it with blog materials. Also a way you can keep up to date with new posts. (Note to self: would have to overcome my photography-phobia, see above point re: not my comfort zone.)

If you have any other suggestions, I’d love to have some creative input – lovingmondaymornings (at)


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