Not just about loving what you do

(I was travelling to the other side of the world for a business trip the last two days – from Singapore to US. While jetlag wasn’t a major problem, the coordination of travelling between cities, trying to adjust to the time zone to coordinate with things back home, is a little topsy turvy.)

Now that’s aside…

I was thinking about my friend who recently had a chance to live 6 months abroad (along with her family) for a study program in her profession. I didn’t know you could do that for her chosen profession – she is a medical doctor.

But I think such ‘rare’ possibilities happen for because people can truly sense the dedication and passion.  And in turn, whatever you choose to do, will be rewarded.

You see, this is the same friend that was the only one amongst us group of friends, who answered the following question without a complaint or a justification: “At this point of your life, any regrets with what you have chosen to do (profession)?”

I had a few “buts”.  Yes, I like what I do but… It’s really not that bad but…

She is someone I have known for a decade at tha point on time, and she is truly someone who is humble and honest. So when it came to her turn, she said truthfully, “Nothing. No regrets. I really like what I do.” She as a medical officer then, taking on crazy hospital hours and training.  But she had no complaints and was truly content.

That sparked off my search for finding meaning in what I do, perhaps the better description of ‘meaning’ might have been ‘passion’.  I wanted to know what it meant to be in that present place, with no regrets (looking back) and no fantacizing of what else could be better (looking forward), with what you choose to do.

It wasn’t just about loving what you do, but knowing that you were doing now exactly what you meant to do, in that now.  And that would be a very powerful way to live your life.