Decide: #10 Decide to Explore

It’s easy to think, to plan, to contemplate and just…do nothing. Often there exists a gap between the thinking and planning, to the actual action of doing and creating. The gap is where we make choices, we decide. And often, we spend ages in that space just cruising along.

So, decide.

Decide: #10 Decide to Explore
Little kids explore things wholeheartedly, with their eyes, fingers, ears and sometimes mouth. They explore, not to collect more information and answers, but to stay in the space of questioning.
I like that definition of exploration. It allows for experience, wholeheartedness, the expansion of something new & opening of new doors.
Another way of saying, choose to stay in the awe of wonder.

This marks the end of the second series. For more of the series, please refer here.

Author’s note:
I’ve been exposed recently to some people with big dreams, the ability to stretch the mind, and the unmistakeable internal calling of wanting to develop this blog in a few directions. So I’ve taken down ideas of what I want to write, mull over it a little and will be starting on those next, instead of a 3rd series. And I can’t wait!