Break out the good wine, figuratively

I’ve learnt to, bring out the good wine (so to speak), instead of hoarding it for another day when it will be really worth it. At least before (whatever it is for you) actually spoils, disintegrates, gets outgrown, costs too much or worse, you do not outlive it.

In my case, it’s not actually wine, but other things. For me it’s about a pampering experience, so for instance the nice luxury soaps with essential oils were never opened.

It started with a fruit-flavored soap. Too precious to use and left in the clothes drawer hidden. I found a cockroach in it one day. After getting over the gross factor, and disinfecting my drawer and washing all my clothes thoroughly, and doing it all over again just one more time to be sure, I decided that was it.

No more waiting for special occasions. Or maybe, everyday if lived differently, presently, deeply, is a special occasion in itself.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not splurging on every single thing. In fact, I’m huge on savings and being thrifty. But for the things that you like, the things that you enjoy, as a reward to yourself, I decided it’s alright to splurge on that. Better to enjoy using a small set of items you have, but are important to you; then to buy many items at cheaper and less quality, hoard the best quality ones in storerooms and turn everything to clutter.
And most importantly to “spend” your experience in the best way possible, to enjoy presently, deeply.


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