Monday is over, what next?

Monday is over and the day has ended, at least since it’s bedtime.

I tried to search for what I wanted to say, after all I had been behind the scenes for a week but slow to post for the past week. However, I end the Monday in a less than celebratory mood and find it hard to look forward to Tuesday.

And strangely it’s not a day of all lows, with some amazing highs as well. So what makes the lows feel worse on Monday?

Probably myself, or yourself, or whoever is doing their own evaluation of their Mondays. And sometimes it’s also just about getting rest when I need to, because as the night wears on, the tiredness, aka grumpiness sets in.

The week moves in cycles, and Monday is going to come round. We can stay in the past lamenting our irritation of what has happened, or refuse to remain trapped by enjoying a good nights’ rest.

So off to bed, goodnight, sweet dreams.


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