Decide: #8 Decide to Release

It’s easy to think, to plan, to contemplate and just…do nothing. Often there exists a gap between the thinking and planning, to the actual action of doing and creating. The gap is where we make choices, we decide. And often, we spend ages in that space just cruising along.

So, decide.

Decide: #8 Decide to Release
This is for all the dreams I let die without being noticed or expressed. The weight of carrying them is starting to drag me down, while the temptation to hold on now looks like obligation. It’s as if holding on meant giving them witness.
Today, I let those dreams I let die go peacefully. Fully release, fully forgive. So that when I choose to create new ones out of the ashes of old ones, they are done in the spirit of soaring, lighter from the weight released.

For more on series, refer here.


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