Be nice to yourself at least once every day

You are your worst enemy.

So the saying goes. Pretty much because it’s easier to beat yourself up much more than anyone can. Very soon, it becomes noise in the head and you can’t even differentiate on whether it’s about the present, past or way-back-there-past.

And the theory goes that if you are harder on yourself than anyone else is on you, one nice thing a day can’t really spoil you.

It’s nice because it’s a way of celebrating who you are, instead of berating who you are.

Daily, at least once, any item below:
• Congratulate yourself on having taken one step when you could have taken none.
• Celebrate one failure as a way of learning.
• Take one promise made to yourself and keep it.
• Breathe. Deeply.
• Say thank you to yourself for one thing you are grateful for.
• Smile at yourself as if to say “I appreciate you”.

Just once a day. Be nice to yourself. That would be more than what most of us do, wouldn’t it? And if so, wouldn’t that be a major life changer?


Learning to laugh at myself

Introducing more fun to my life is something I saw great benefit for, but when it came down it to it, I literally brought the corporate to home.

I wonder how it must look to a six year old whose main joy was to express herself completely in the moment.

Turns out it wasn’t so difficult. I am not the next Miss Fun on the block or Miss life-of-the-party, but fun starts quite easily. It starts with learning to make fun of myself. To not take myself so seriously, I then not turn those around me so seriously.

I think, this is a step in the more (relaxed) direction. And a step to letting my children express who they want to be.