#YourTurnChallenge – #Day6 – Overwhelmed by the moment

Day 6 of the challenge.  The link to the post on the blog is here: http://yourturnchallenge.tumblr.com/post/109000265305/overwhelmed-by-the-moment

[For the purpose of reposting, I have deliberately not looked into the grammar mistakes. Because excessive editting is my way of stalling the final product, which defeats the purpose of this challenge. Specifically for this post, I paraphrased the title for this reposting.]

Perhaps it was because I had too much to do in the day, that that moment was the first point I could really pause internally.

But I think the reason doesn’t really matter.

At that point, the sun was nicely streaming in, I finally got a moment to pause and rest my feet. And just be still. Sounds of water from the pool outside. Laughter from the neighbor’s kids. My children (actually) quietly eating. And to top it off, a nice breeze through the open window.

There are moments that I’m overwhelmingly grateful, just because I’m able to experience it.

I guess the only way to justify the privilege of that moment is to fully experience it.
I guess the only way to fully experience it is to fully be in the moment, whatever that calls for.
I guess the only way I can remember its imprint is to be full grateful.

And then welcome the next moment.