Decide: #7 Decide to Dance

*This post was a few days late since I just came back from a trip to Phuket, from an event called the Awesomeness Fest. More on that in my later posts. Recovering from such an empowering, mind-stretching event took a while. And here, the series continue.*

It’s easy to think, to plan, to contemplate and just…do nothing. Often there exists a gap between the thinking and planning, to the actual action of doing and creating. The gap is where we make choices, we decide. And often, we spend ages in that space just cruising along.

So, decide.

Decide: #7 Decide to Dance
It’s not the steps, which style or type of dance. It’s not the right type of music. It’s not how someone looks at you when you dance.
All this time, it’s about feeling the music and moving your body to how you feel with it. It is free, primal and joyful.
Dance, simply dance.

For the rest of the series, refer here.

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