Decide: #4 Decide to Live

It’s easy to think, to plan, to contemplate and just…do nothing. Often there exists a gap between the thinking and planning, to the actual action of doing and creating. The gap is where we make choices, we decide. And often, we spend ages in that space just cruising along.

So, decide.

Decide: #4 Decide to Live
This seemed like common sense, or is it?
I found it effective to make this intention every morning or at least check in to “how am I living today?”. It’s easy to forget to be present, be awake yet go through life through motion only. All it takes is a split second, to make the decision to live, really live. We can truly be present and experience life. The best part I love about it, is the tell-tale sign of the sparkle in the eye once we decide.

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