New Series: Decide

I had a series called Making Mornings a while back, and was contemplating doing a second part. The purpose was to pull out short notes that can be replicated on a whiteboard, refrigerator door, desk, computer screen, iPad screen etc. Notes that can serve as daily reminders when the week gets needs a breather, needs a reboot or maybe just as a reminder once in a while.

Instead of doing a part two, I decided to continue to a separate series, aptly called Decide. It’s easy to think, to plan, to contemplate and just…do nothing. Often there exists a gap between the thinking and planning, to the Nike-esque slogan of “Just do it”. The gap is where we make choices, we decide. And often, we spend ages in that space just cruising along.

So, decide.

Decide #1: Decide to be real
We have images for every occasion, it’s easy to take them on and off if we have been practising our whole lives. The alternative is to be real, who we essentially are.
But what is that? Some of us don’t even know anymore.
Simply peel the layers. Take your time. Once you decide to be real, the unnecessary images will fall slowly away.


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