Making Mornings Series: #9 Making Mornings Joyful

This grew out of a series to be posted on a board. It served as a reminder for me to intentionally create the mornings I want, in many different ways and being.
By this stage, those who live in their head a lot (like me) start to get confused. At #9 of the series, how can one person’s morning take so many forms?
The beauty is in understanding the possibilities are endless. You can take one and make it your own for 30 days (somewhat to ingrain a habit in a way of being). Or you can mix a few up and create your own combination of morning (because really, is there any other type of morning other your own for yourself?). Or you can see what serves you for that day or week and take on that one way of Making Mornings accordingly.
I haven’t got it all done to making it all effortless, but I figured along the way that the next element was quite crucial.

Making Mornings Series: #9 Making Mornings Joyful
Consider being in the state of joy and yet treating something with the utmost importance, while intending for the most effective result. Consider that it doesn’t need the furrowed brow, intense look or serious attitude.
Seriously considering?
Mornings are joyful because we don’t overthink it. Joyfulness happens in the heart, out of the head. Maybe big dreams happen with or without joy, but it sure is easier with joy.

For more of the series, please refer here.


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