Making Mornings Series: #1 Making Mornings Beautiful

What this really is about is a series of writings you can pin up on a board or screen each Monday morning to take you through the week. It’s amazing how much you can create, the magic you can accomplish by making the choice to choose each moment starting from every Monday and every morning, to be the present moment in that you will live your life differently. It’s a moment by moment choice and some reminders do help. While I have not formatted it into a poster as such (*LMM WIP idea), I would like to do a 10 part series and see where that takes me.
A friend wanted to fill a whiteboard with inspirational messages. And I imagine that each weekend, the board would get wiped clean and a new message goes up.

Each time it’s wiped clean, it’s a new opportunity to create something new in that space, just like each morning. So here goes, a 10 part series, posted weekly – on “what will you make of your mornings, and the start of your day?”

#1: Making Mornings Beautiful
Beauty uplifts the spirits. Your definition of a beautiful morning may be different from mine. I like sunlight & flowers at the window. Your may like the cool dark dawn. Others may like certain music, or the smell of coffee, or the laughter of their kids.
A morning is made beautiful by activating your senses to something you like, that refreshes and uplifts. Learning to make mornings beautiful means learning to be aware of what lifts your senses, incorporating that one change into your morning ritual, and learning to see the beauty of everything else around you.
Would that be a great way to start the day, with just that one difference?


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