What will you build?

I truly believe we are not as clueless about our lives as we think we are. Whenever I get stuck, I remember that the world always need more builders.

For a long while, I got stuck at the first question, what can I build?

This is what I found.

That the world needs builders to build …
– bridges, to create connections;
– homes, to create belonging;
– communities, to create compassion;
– tools, for the other builders to build;
– schools, so that all can learn to build & never to fear what is destroyed in the name of change;
– paths, to journey for the journey is as important as the destination;
– rest spots, because a journey is not complete when we learn to be present & rest;
– torches, to light the paths and warm the hearts of other builders;
– stages, so others can showcase their story as a means of enriching others’ lives.

Most of all, builders are needed to build new worlds, for anything is possible as long as the mind can dream, the heart believes & the hands can build.


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