It’s going to be a great week ahead!


If you could sit back and monitor the voices in your head (actually, you technically could with an appropriate meditation process), that would likely pop up first.

Really? But it’s a work day tomorrow.

Really? But there is so much to clear in the office.

Really? But I have to hand up the report due (fill in the blanks).

Really? But the boss is back from vacation and has lots of work to dump on me.

Really? The client is going to be calling in with all sorts of complaints.

And so on.

Seriously, it’s late on a Sunday night (my time). I’m exhausted even listening to that tirade. And if my experience in the last few months where I have been working on certain goals, going through a coaching process for myself and a group of others around me counts – a lot of what we create around us really comes from us: our perspectives, our intention, our direction and our pure ability to create the environment we want around us.

So when you are done begrudging the week lost, come over and join me on this side, looking ahead to the week.  When I’m not stewing inward in my own self-dug corner, I can clearly see the blank canvas in front, brush in one hand and colourful palette in another, ready to paint in answer to the question:

“It’s going to be a great week ahead – what will great mean for you (not me, not them, not him, not her), but specifically for you?”


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