“Where has the week gone to?!”

It used to happen every weekend, in conversations and now in social media status updates “Where has the week gone to?!”

Often we look out for “cheat days” – days off from our goals.  The reasoning is that for a stretch of these few number of days, we have been driving relentless towards our goals, therefore, once in a while a break is warranted.

I think before anything has become a habit, or that if we see it as goals = work, then taking a break is where the comfort zone is and can be very enticing.

Subsequently, one day stretches to two: “another day won’t hurt”.

And another.

Just like writing this blog, a whole week goes by and a little more, almost in a flash, without nary a post.

Has it been fulfilling or restful?  Strangely, or perhaps not so strange, no.

Writing recharges and writing inspires me.  This thing that I did frequently, this blog that I built one post at a time, refreshes me.  By “not doing anything” wasn’t restful, it was allow the writing muscle to atrophy.  No wonder I got more tired as the day went by.

Of course, for everyone, it may not be writing but something else that recharges them: reading, singing, drawing, dancing, sports, photography, fishing, driving etc.  What doesn’t get recharged, gets left aside and atrophies.



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