2013: Merry Christmas everyone

Season holidays are full of magic, fun & celebration – something that I’m slowly learning I need to incorporate in week to week but something I haven’t learnt to appreciate in the holidays.

It is hectic, chaotic & stressful. With that, I often find it hard to find inspiration to post anything (no surprise that such a mindset is no fertile ground for inspiration).

Yet with my experiment the last month to experience fun, celebration & learning first to laugh set myself, it seem fitting to work something into the holiday season this year.

Frankly I had more misses than hits, many stressful outbursts with intermittent moments of just relaxing into what is. I also kept looking at how I wanted to incorporate wonder & magic into Christmas at every step of the way, so each miss felt harder than each moment of fun.

I didn’t want to sound falsely chirpy or excessively gloomy this Christmas, because it is neither.

Truly, I have never had a Christmas looking so intently at my actions and what I wanted to create for myself in the season. The awkwardness and discomfort came from the likes of starting something new, just like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim or any new skill.

Once I understood that, as the clock strikes 12, it has definitely, as always, been a merry merry Christmas. So, Merry Christmas, everyone! 😉