From how-to to why-to

At this point I make a commitment to write either before and/or on Mondays, because it really is about getting the whole week off to a good start , celebrating the great moments of living a good life at the end of the week and then some.

As I gradually starting searching about loving what I do, and doing what I love or just learning the love the life that I am leading right now, at each moment, I have slowly moved from the how-to’s to the why-to’s.

From the how-to

What steps do I need to do, what are the action plans do I need to take, what are the considerations… The list goes on, and (not surprisingly) the list never gets fillled up or completely ticked off.  I spent so much time on the lists, I basically stayed in the same spot for the entire duration.

Frankly, I do not believe that throwing planning and considerations out the window works.  Everything is about balance – extremes at some points, never always in the boring middle.  Balance, rather than the average of everything, is about not getting stuck at the extremes.

And here is where I was getting stuck in a comfortable zone turning to be an extreme zone, planning, re-planning, drawing steps, learning the mechanics of how to put one step forward, while the world of action zoomed past me.

To why-to

Now here is the paradox (and I do love when some do juxtapose against each other): while staying in the how-to and getting stuck in one spot, the way to move forward was always in the why-to which originated in the same spot. 

Everyone (together with me now) …huh?

Breaking it down – the way forward, to zip into the line of action, to embrace the flow of life, to move, to dream & then to create … lay in embracing the “why”.  What drives the motivation, why do I keep searching?  By bringing everything to this moment, being present, the “why” easily surfaces.

Because I love to dream.

Because I love to create.

Because I love to expand.

Because I love the flow of nature, not struggling against the tide.

Because I seek to understand.


Journeys evolve because we keep moving forward at each step of the way, and the evolution allows us to grow.  Which is why it is oh-so-important to fully comprehend, ingrain, live the phrase: that it’s about the journey, not only about the destination.


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