Why I write here

The thing about writing a blog is that you spend a lot of time thinking of the topics, how to craft the blog, how to share it, what’s the best way to present it.

Most importantly, I keep going back to why I write here.

I write for many reasons:
1. I love to write.
2. I believe “Loving Monday Mornings” is a great shift in the perspective of our lives, which can change it from blah to wow.
3. I believe we all can find what we love to do or do what we love, and drawing stories and inspirations from others is an essential part of that journey.
4. I believe I’m not perfect, that I don’t have or have not found the perfectly formula so I hope that in exploring my writing, you will appreciate that someone goes through the same struggles as you do finding your ‘own path in life’.
5. I write so that one day, my children may see my journey through my eyes and understand it in ways that I (feel) I still do not know how to communicate well verbally yet.
6. I write, because I’m learning each day.

And you might read for similar or different reasons. So, welcome to “Loving Monday Mornings” and I’m glad to be writing here.


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