Make me a promise

How often did I break a promise to myself?

Definitely more than just-a-few-times.

If I made a list it will look like this:
• Times I told myself I’ll be on time (instead of being 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes late and so on…)
• Unfinished personal projects – whatever is it I wanted to do for myself, if left unfinished, is another promise not kept.
• Issues I don’t want to look at – a definite hiding place for many broken self-promises.

It’s no wonder I get worried when the weekend rolls around the corner. It weighs on me like another batch of broken promises to myself would. I didn’t look forward to the weekend or starting off on Monday again.

Fixing it, one promise at a time
Surprise, surprise. No magic bullet to turn all around. Just fixing one broken promise at a time. Finishing a small project. Closing off the lose ends. Freeing the energy tied up in managing everything.

There was no particular burst of energy or ah-ha moment. Though I noticed a much lighter presence and a more fulfilled day ahead. One day at a time, this translated to something worth looking forward to, instead of something I kept hiding from. Weekends held enjoyment and the impending Mondays held potential.

I never found out at which point Mondays didn’t feel so dreadful anymore. Who’d knew that keeping or finishing the promises to myself held so much….promise?


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