Choosing my words wisely

My list so far:

Building My Library

In searching for the path to “loving Monday mornings”, I read. A lot.

That pretty much sums up my immediate backup plan to anything. Read.

Although being a bookworm pretty much meant I am a nerd, through learning to embrace that part of myself meant I could always have something to fall back on.

Maybe for others it’s colors & painting, photography, long drives, food.  For me, those made up the richness of life but what truly made sense at my core were books.

Fellow bookworms will understand …

why the smell of libraries and bookstores can calm me down, inspire me to possibilities, feels like magic is in the air.

why I had to carry a book around all. the. time.  (annoyed the heck out of my parents, because had to be hugged in arms and I would plonk my nose in a book, supported by one hand, oblivious to whether I was spilling food from my spoon in the other hand).

why despite loving books, one would struggle between whether or not to buy a Kindle because having pages to flip was a real enjoyment.

why the dream room of a house we could have unlimited space would be the “library”, with a comfortable couch to curl up for reading, bright sunlight streaming into the windows, with a wonderful view of nature outside.

Building my library

So I never quite found a house big enough to have one room, just mine to build a library. With the constraints of space (I mainly stay in apartments) and that maintaining space and reducing stuff was becoming a real challenge (another story for another day), I gradually gave away more books, graduated some to Kindle versions, and relied on the neighbourhood library a lot more.

With two kids now, I wonder if there will be any ‘legacy’ I can leave for them – to show them, these are the ‘must read’ books in your lifetime.

So I figured, I’d do it in cyberspace. I’ll place what I read about each book on various posts here.  They will get to see a side of me through what I love. We’ll get to flip the “bookshelves” and re-read any book.  And a good book warms your day, and keeps you in the game – and you’d want inspiration of what to read, simply browse this “library” and take your pick.

<PS. To get the administrative stuff clear, I’ll tag my book review posts as “build my library”.  If they have links to any books on Amazon, it will be linked through the Amazon affiliate program.  That means, that items bought through these links will result in a small percentage of advertising fees to me.  I don’t have other affiliate programs on my blog.  While there will be ads that are shown from time to time, these are from wordpress and are not shown to logged in users, nor have fees paid to me.> Edit: The Amazon affliate program application apparently did not go through so when I do make another application, I will clarify on this blog.

When all else fails, look at the small things

My friend called me the other day, going all along about how work was overwhelming, papers all over the desk, feedback from his supervisor that he just can’t get the paperwork right which means less confidence in handling him “bigger work”. He was getting more overwhelmed by the minute, sitting in the middle of a messy pile of paper at his work desk.

And it caught me. That, simply, it’s about the small things.

Just when you think you can’t breathe, it’s too much, start on the small things.

It’s the small things, one at a time, that builds the entire picture.

One paper at a time, leads to a decluttered desk.

One snark remark at time, leads to the distancing of relationships.

One smile at a time, leads to a child running to your arms because she knows it’s safe just as when she really needs it.

One blog post at a time, and a story is built.

One day at a time… And a life forms.

Whether that is a life of different days and experiences, or a life of just the same day over and over again, you get to choose.

Aren’t the small things amazing?

Learning to laugh at myself

Introducing more fun to my life is something I saw great benefit for, but when it came down it to it, I literally brought the corporate to home.

I wonder how it must look to a six year old whose main joy was to express herself completely in the moment.

Turns out it wasn’t so difficult. I am not the next Miss Fun on the block or Miss life-of-the-party, but fun starts quite easily. It starts with learning to make fun of myself. To not take myself so seriously, I then not turn those around me so seriously.

I think, this is a step in the more (relaxed) direction. And a step to letting my children express who they want to be.