Can I “catch” you for a few minutes?

So the day has been steadily going downhill and nothing seems to work right.

The photocopier jams three times and when it works, halfway through you run out of ink. In replacing it, you shuffle some on the floor and have to clean up the dirty toxic powder. When you finally print the full set of companies, you stain the copies with your printer-powder-stained fingers.

And so on.. I guess you get the picture.

So in between, to short circuit another raging meltdown, all it takes is a few minutes to interrupt the process and make that shift.

So it’s good to have handy:
A picture of a loved one or favorite scenery, a packet of sweets (though I hardly encourage this in the long term as it’s contrary to keeping healthy), a 2 minute walk. Whatever works for you.

And my favorite, easy to carry along with today’s smartphones, a song to get your groove back.

Catch yourself for a few minutes, pop the earphones, tap your feet… and get back in the game.


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